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Important Field Update

Please note that the PCA Working Certificate rules and hunting medallion rules were revised in 2019 and 2020. They were to be implemented at PCA 2020. Due to the covid virus, and all events being canceled, the Board moved all events and programs to 2021. Therefore, Working Certificate rules and hunting medallion rules will go into effect at PCA 2021. Any events held prior to PCA 2021 will still fall under the old guidelines and medallions may still be awarded under the old, or new medallion guidelines at the Hunt Dinner 2021. Any questions may be directed to Carol McCorkle at schwartzpudel@hughes.net, or 865-908-7493.

Hunting Poodles

The Poodle Club of America, Inc. allows any registered Poodle over six months of age (four months for Instinct Certificates) which meets the performance requirements to receive the Working Instinct Certificate, Upland Working Instinct Certificate, Working Certificate, Upland Working Certificate, Working Certificate Excellent, Upland Working Certificate Excellent, Working Certificate Master and Upland Working Certificate Master.

The purposes of this certificate test series are to test the natural working ability of the Poodle and to demonstrate his interest in birds, his ability to take direction from the handler, his marking ability, his willingness to enter the water, and his trainability.

These tests are designed to enable Poodles with a natural working instinct to pass the Working Instinct Certificate Tests, with some training to pass the Working Certificate Tests and with modest training to pass the Working Certificate Excellent Tests. The Working Certificate Master tests will provide a challenge to trained dogs seeking to advance their skill level in preparation for higher levels of AKC testing.  These programs provide an avenue for Poodle owners to enjoy and develop an appreciation and understanding of the natural working abilities of their dogs and to engage in training as a working retriever and upland hunter.

Performance Requirements in the Certificate series.

Rules & Guidelines for the Working Certificate Tests

Rules and Guidelines for Upland Working Certificate Tests

PCA Working Poodle Medallions Guidelines and Form

WC Matrix
Comparing various levels of the WC and corresponding AKC tests.

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