• 2019 PCA National Best of Breed

    GCHG Stone Run Afternoon Tea CD

    Owners: Connie S Unger & William Lee
    Breeder: Connie Unger
    Handler: Chrystal Murray

    GCHG Stone Run Afternoon Tea CD
  • 2019 PCA National Best of Opposite Sex

    GCH Foxmore Tough Targa

    Owners: Toinette Tucker & Janet Reed
    Breeder: Janet R Reed
    Handler: Christian Manelopolous

    GCH Foxmore Tough Targa
  • 2019 PCA National Best Miniature

    GCH Bellefleet Don't Pass Me By

    Owners: Alysia & Joanne Reichertz
    Breeder: Alysia Reichertz
    Handler: Allison Hardie

    GCH Bellefleet Don't Pass Me By
  • 2019 PCA National Best Toy

    GCHS Foxmore Playin Hard To Get

    Owners: Julia Kinsey & Janet R Reed
    Breeder: Janette R Reed
    Handler: Ann Rairigh

    GCHS Foxmore Playin Hard To Get
  • 2019 PCA National Best Bred-By

    Brighton Tarquin Foreign Affair

    Owners: L'Dyne Brennan & A Carter & R Corbin & C Manelopoulos
    Breeders: C Manolopolos & L'Dyne Brennen & Anita Cater & R Corbin
    Handler: Christian Manolopolos

    Brighton Tarquin Foreign Affair
  • 2019 PCA National Best Puppy

    Encor Acclaim's Crown Jewel

    Owner: Ruthann LeRoy
    Breeder: Jamie L Workman

    Encor Acclaim's Crown Jewel

Congratulations Donald!

PCA member (and our Delegate to AKC), Dr. Donald Sturz, has been nominated by the Purina Pro Plan Show Dogs of the Year Award as a candidate for JUDGE OF THE YEAR.

Please take a moment and follow this link to vote for our fellow member, Dr. Donald Sturz,  for Judge of the Year.

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In Memory of Mary Ellen Fishler

It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of Mary Ellen Fishler. We prayed for a miracle cure so that she would stay with us longer, but it was not meant to be.

Mary Ellen was a lifelong breeder of Toy and Miniature Poodles. She bred many AKC Champions under the Camelot and Halcyon prefixes. Many of her Poodles achieved National recognition and contributed elegance and intelligence to other Poodle families.

She was also a gifted writer and relentless worker. Mary Ellen cared for and promoted Meet the Breeds and the Juniors’ Program, which encourages young people to embrace the sport of pure-bred dogs. Even as she endured the ravages of cancer, she never gave up or missed a meeting. She always had new ideas and suggestions to promote PCA and the breed that she loved.

For over ten years she served on the Board of the Poodle Club of America and was an active Delegate to the American Kennel Club. She supported our National Show working and chairing many of the committees and activities. In addition, she was a vital and integral part of the Washington Poodle Club. Mary Ellen will be missed. Her suffering is over and she is at peace.

On a personal and presidential level, I will miss her terribly. Mary Ellen was an excellent mentor and always willing to give all of us guidance and support. Let us join together to remember her and celebrate her life.

Susan T. Burge, President of the Poodle Club of America

PCA Announces one of our own is running for the Board of Directors of AKC

American Kennel Club “Board of Directors” Candidate
Election Day March 10, 2020

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2019 PCA National Pin

2019 PCA National Pin
2019 PCA National Hats Off To Poodles Pin

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