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The PCA events calendar is the central resource for upcoming Specialty Shows. Please click on an event below to see more details.  

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Go to our calendar and find an upcoming show in your area. 

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Host a Conformation or Obedience Event

Affiliate Club Instruction Sheet:  PCA approval is required for all Affiliate Club Specialty Shows.  PCA’s approval is NOT automatic. Application for your show must be filed with PCA 24 weeks prior to the closing date. This is the same time frame that you must have your application to AKC. AKC will withhold approval until they receive approval from PCA.

Application to Host a Specialty Show:  This must be filled out with PCA at the same time as the application to AKC to hold a specialty show. A complete and updated list of current officers, board and members must also be sent to complete the approval process. It is also suggested that your Affiliate Club dues for PCA be up-to-date at the time of your application.
Conformation Specialty Application
Obedience Specialty Application

PCA Medallions

PCA offers a sterling Silver medallion for Best of Breed at one specialty show each year to all Affiliated Clubs of the PCA.
Conformation Best Of Breed
Medallion Request & Application

Obedience High In Trial (HIT): 
Medallion Request

Purchase a Medallion for your Event

Working Certificate & Working Certificate Excellent (WC/WCX):
Medallion Guidelines
: Learn more about how to qualifications for PCA WC/WCX medallions.
Test ApplicationAll required forms and documents for WC/WCX Tests.
Putting on a WC/WCX Event
Rules & Guidelines


Affiliate Clubs Rescue Programs
Rescue Information

Sample/Guidelines for Rescue Committee
Budget for Rescue Committee
Rescue Dog Information/Disposition
Surrendered Dog Release of Liability
Surrendered Dog Questionnaire

Veterinarian Exam of Rescue Dog
Pre Adoptive Interview
Adopted Dog Release of Liability
Foster Home Guidelines
Foster Home Release of Liability


Affiliate Club Directory
Update Directory
Update Find a Poodle page


Print & Mail

Fill out Online Formupdatebr

Important: Affiliate clubs must submit a copy of current Bylaws and Membership list when submitting the form for the directory.


Affiliate Club Chair
2nd Vice President


Pay Affiliate Club Dues Online

Annual due date: Feb. 28th
Note: there is a $2 extra fee for online dues payment

The Affilicate Club Directory is maintained by the Affiliate Club Chair. Breeder and Affiliate Club listings on the "Find a Poodle" page are maintained by the Website Administrator. Before submitting your update for the "Find a Poodle" page, please review your listing here. Please submit your updates to the appropriate person.

Forms are available in Adobe Reader