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Webster defines rescue as “to free from confinement, danger or evil; to save, deliver or recover; to free from imminent danger by prompt or vigorous action; to bring back to a former state or condition something that has been abandoned or debased.” This is what the devoted people of Poodle Rescue do every day all over the U.S. They take in the homeless, the helpless, the unkempt, the unclean, the broken spirited, the frightened, the young and the old Poodle and they Rescue them in every sense of the word. Rescue volunteers clean and bathe, clip and brush, feed and nourish both body and spirit and restore hope to many hundreds of Poodles each year. And when there is no hope, when the little body or spirit is too broken to Rescue, the volunteers are there too in the Poodle’s last hours on earth, providing what comfort they can.


streeterStreeter is a charming young cream colored miniature Poodle. In Summer 2008, he was found as a stray in central NJ by a very nice family who took him in. They owned pit bulls and thought Streeter might be happier in a home without such large dogs. It was hard for them to give him to our rescue group, Watchung Mountain Poodle Club Rescue, as Streeter is such a perfect dog in every way, even housetrained. It was difficult for our volunteers to believe he was not missed by a loving family somewhere as he is such a wonderful and well-trained boy. He was twice scanned for a microchip which would have allowed him to be re-united with his lost family but he had no chip. We were sad to think of the family who could be missing him every day, but he found a wonderful home with Joan and her mother, Veronica, in East Brunswick, NJ. Together they provide everything Streeter needs, with lots of TLC from Veronica who is retired and very grateful for such a loving little companion.


Lucky and Buddy

lucky & buddyLucky and Buddy are two miniature Poodles that were adopted from Watchung Mountain Poodle Club Rescue. In 2003, the owners adopted Lucky, a two year old silver miniature Poodle, as a companion for their elderly Lakeland terrier and it was a perfect match. After their terrier passed away, they decided to add another Poodle, and so in 2008, Buddy came to live with them. Buddy, a two year old cream miniature Poodle, was given up by a family with young children who decided they did not have time to take care of him. Pat and Dee of Hightstown, NJ, the happy owners of these two boys, participate in competitive sports with their dogs. Lucky has several agility titles and currently is working on an excellent title. Buddy currently is undergoing obedience training and possibly will compete in rally.


waldoIn April 2008, Carolina Poodle Rescue (CPR) got a call from a shelter in Tennessee. Someone had left a young male Standard Poodle in the shelter’s outdoor drop box overnight. Could Carolina take him? And so began the odyssey of Waldo. Twenty four hours after CPR agreed to take him in, Waldo was diagnosed with parvovirus, a disease that usually kills puppies and often results in the euthanasia of affected dogs to prevent the spread of the disease. Having made the commitment to the dog, however, Carolina was undeterred. Not only did they take in the abandoned Poodle, they nursed him through his illness and then by some quirk of fate or divine intervention, soon found him a permanent loving home. Waldo’s adoptive owners, Phil and Sherry, say it best, “this is love!” They believe that the efforts of Carolina Poodle Rescue “have given us Waldo’s life as a gift.”


Luella, Marlene and Chica

luella, marlene and chicaBoating in Maryland is one of the favorite pastimes of Luella, Marlene and Chica, three Standard Poodles rescued by John and Imelda. They had lost a Standard to old age that they had raised from a puppy and when they began thinking about another dog, they decided to try to help a Poodle in need. They found the Heart of America Poodle Rescue over the Internet and drove west from Baltimore to Missouri to see a pair of surrendered older female Standards. The two sisters were too frightened to be adopted at that time, so rather than make the long drive back East without a dog, Heart of America showed Imelda a young female Standard that had been picked up as a stray. Although thin and dreadfully matted from being on the street for a long time, it was love at first sight. “Luella,” as she was named, was adopted immediately. Two years later, it was time for another Standard and Marlene, an owner-surrender, was located at a rescue in Louisville, Kentucky. Two years after that, the family decided that they had room for one more Poodle and once again made the long drive out from Maryland to Heart of America and brought Chica, another owner-surrender home. Imelda says, “As much as puppies are cute, I doubt I’ll ever have another one. You could not buy these girls from me for all the money in the world.”

Poodle Club of America Rescue

Established in 1932, Poodle Club of America is one of the oldest breed clubs registered with the AKC. Since its inception, Poodle Club of America has always rescued poodles through their Affiliate clubs. To become an Affiliate Club and to remain an Affiliate club, PCA requires the Club to have a Rescue Chairman. In addition, PCA has a National Chairman overseeing the all the rescue groups. In 2006, PCA decided to make Rescue its own entity and so The Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, Inc., a 501 (C)(3) corporation was established. Since that time, 17 new rescue groups have been added to the family of already established groups and more are being added each month. We work by networking with all rescue groups to save each and every poodle that we can. PCA Rescue works closely with shelters, Humane Societies and all-breed rescue groups throughout the country.

Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, Inc. 2007

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