Agility first was seen at Crufts Dog Show in London, England in 1978 as spectator entertainment between events. It was patterned after equestrian show jumping events and was such a huge success that the sport evolved and became the worlds fastest growing dog sport. The Agility ring allows handler and dog to run full speed, while having to perform accurately and safely on A-Frames, Dog Walks, See-Saws and a wide variety of jumps and tunnels.

Because Agility is growing so rapidly, many dogs have earned progressively more difficult titles, from Novice Agility (NA), Open Agility (OA), and Agility Excellent (AX) to Master Agility Excellent (MX). Additional titles are Jumpers With Weaves (JWW): Novice (NAJ), Open (OAJ), Excellent (AXJ) and Master Excellent (MXJ), which leads to the supreme title of Master Agility Champion (MACH). In which a dog has to earn 750 points by running faster than the Standard Course Time and must also earn 20 Double Qualifying scores (better known as Double-Q's). A dog must qualify in both Standard and Jumpers With Weaves classes on the same day in order to earn a Double-Q.


agilityThe newest Agility titles (as of September 1, 2002) are from the Preferred classes. These classes afford an opportunity for a greater variety of breeds, and their handlers to participate in the sport. The Preferred Standard classes include: Novice Agility Preferred (NAP), Open Agility Preferred (OAP), Agility Excellent "A" Preferred (AXP) and Master Agility Excellent "B" Preferred (MXP). The Preferred Jumpers With Weaves classes include: Novice JWW Preferred (NJP), Open JWW Preferred (OJP), Excellent JWW "A" Preferred (AJP) and Master Excellent JWW "B" Preferred (MJP).

Poodles are especially suited for agility with their athletic abilities and boundless enthusiasm for playing with their owners. Any size Poodle can compete, as the height the dog jumps depends on their height at the withers. Training and competing in agility creates a unique bond between a Poodle and their owner, as both gain confidence in their ability to negotiate the courses and obstacles. 



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